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Welcome to the official website of Egyptian Pakistani Telecommunication Services Company PVT (Ltd).

EPTSC Message

EPTSC is a multinational technical Company providing integrated services for various operators within telecom sector. Being part of ORASCOM Group of companies, EPTSC is considered as the largest telecom service provider in Pakistan.

CEO Message

CEO Message: This is CEO “ABDEL MONEIM FAHMY’s” message. EPTSC have shown that it has been the fastest growing company in Pakistan. Within three years of establishment the company scope of work was covering almost. 60% of the Mobilink network. Few years more EPTSC started providing their services to Ufone to serve the whole south and partially north region. The company has shown to be one of the best in the O&M field by the efforts of a group of professional team of engineers and technicians and supporting departments where all were focused to the customer satisfaction. I would like personally to thank all of EPTSC employees for their contributions and efforts to keep the company among the leading positions in the field.

Our Mission

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Providing the best quality of O&M services to our customers by carrying out various maintenance services to cellular networks and reduce number of corrective interventions as well as rectifying and handling alarms related to defects or malfunction appearing in the GSM Network.

Our Service

EPTSC is one of the leading service provider in Pakistan, offering complete solutions for GSM network managed services. Maintenance of all types of transmission equipments Maintenance of Fire fighting system, power system, cooling system for GSM sites.

Egyptian Pakistani Telecommunication Services Company “EPTSC” is an ORASCOM Company, incorporated in 7th September 2004 with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as Private Limited Company. EPTSC's mother company is Orascom Trading.